Our Story

Hair care is something deep in my roots as it has been my family business for 3 generations now. While growing up, instead of running around on the playground, I ran around our hair lab with my dad. New products would show up in our shower and I eagerly tested all of them.

Our professional hair care lab acts the knowledge base and research house for premium brands and salons throughout Europe and Asia. We’ve spent years helping other brands and salons to refine, customize, and develop products for their customers and now we want to take that same know-how and bring it directly into your hands.

With everything that we do to our hair - from coloring to bleaching to heat - we just wanted simple gentle products that will help get your hair back to its healthiest state. So we’ve broken hair care down into 4 easy steps that focuses on the health of your scalp, roots, and hair. And only using the most essential ingredients - no sulfate, no paraben, no coloring.

Also, our products are produced in small batches so tell us here what you think because ultimately, these are made for you.

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